goat fence ideas


Fence repairs can become a common routine when keeping goats. Goats are curious animals, constantly attempting escape regardless of whether or not it’s intentional. It’s almost too easy for them to test a fence and break it down in the process of trying to scratch themselves or simply get out, making it frustrating and a …


electric fence for goats

How to build electric fence for goats

I’m a farmer myself, one who uses nothing but electric fencing to contain everything from chickens to dogs to cattle. I’m going to explain effective methods, go over specific needs, and talk about unique challenges while helping you build the right fence for your goats. There are many benefits of keeping goats around your homestead, …


selling meat goats

Where to sell meat Goats

Goats are the fastest growing animal agriculture enterprise in the United States. There is a high demand for goat meat, commonly referred to as chevon or mutton. It is outpacing domestic farmers and is being imported to North America at a rate of over $220 million a year. This is a $220 million opportunity for the …


boer meat goats

The health benefits of goat meat

With goat meat making up over 60% of red meat consumed worldwide, it’s no surprise that the demand for goat meat is on the rise here in the United States. As a nation, we import over $30 million in goat meat annually, with over half of that coming from Australia. What is a surprise is how …


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